Dropping Things Down, Up and Sideways


My dog loves to watch his toys fall down when he drops them behind the sofa. Babies love to watch food, toys spoons fall down as then drop them or throw them. Over and over again, just to make sure that they understand what will happen when you drop something. Perhaps you can hear your physics teacher explaining how to calculate how fast a ball will fall when you drop it from a tall building. Nobody may fully understand gravity but we all have a rather good idea what gravity is and how it works.

Five feathers

The spectacular video “Gravity” by Clemens Wirth is a great eye opener to challenge your ideas about gravity. After you have watched the video, why not challenge another concept. Twist and turn it around. See new possibilities and open new doors. Learning to visualise ideas and to challenge concepts is a great tool.

Check out these blog posts to discover more about the power of visualisation.

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