Skip SEO and other tips – Become the Most Popular Person on the Internet


We knew already that Google partly controls our behavior by design, as we wrote about earlier, but recently we discovered a new one.

Everyone who has ever studied Search Engine Optimalization – that is how to get in the top ten mentioned pages in an Internet search – knows that “actuality” is one of the criteria to get high page rankings. Has there any new content added to the site recently?

There are no criteria to determine if a web page is (still) relevant. But by asking if any web content has been added, web site owners are required to think up something, even if there is not any news to report.

Since a few years back Search Engines take also into account if there are any photos or videos on the website. This encourages web owners to add visual content.

Originally, web page ranking was determined by references that other websites made to the ranked web page. Nowadays, search engines take into account  the fuzz on social media like FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram about your website. Consequently, SEO specialists advise you to make a lot of noise on social media. To be heard in the spectacle, you should clutter although it is called “story making”.

Nowadays, page ranking is based on who is making the most ear deafening fuzz at the most imaginable platforms. For extroverts, this is paradise.

What would the virtual world look like, if there were page rankings based on introversion, the degree to which the web site owner holds in and imposes limitations in his or her manifestations, making sure the posts do not bother others in this loudly society?

Join the quiet revolution, embrace the Power of Introverts



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