Finding inspiration in a Piece of Paper – Abstract Origami

Despite spending a huge part of my day looking into my screen, I am surrounded by paper.  Often I scribble down ideas on a piece of paper. Every now and then the pile is read and reduced – crumbled up pieces of paper end up in the recycle bin.

Ideas are seldom perfect, instead we need to improve upon them. Admittedly this is not the purpose with a big clean out, but maybe the crumbled up paper can be put in the book shelf – a sort of  abstract origami and every now and then, I can look at the shape and slowly unfold the paper.

Maybe the abstract origami shape can provide the final jigsaw piece. The final piece to complete the idea.

  • What shape is it?
  • What does it remind me of?
  • What is it?
  • What happens if it is twisted around?
  • Held upside down?

These beautiful inspiring abstract origami sculptures are pieces of art made by Kilo Industries. These sculptures were inspired by falling cherry blossoms. So imagining what happens when you drop things and they fall through the air is another way to get inspiration.


Naturally this is less about origami than recycling ideas and improving upon them. Some ideas need time to mature before they can be improved upon. Random inspiration can be found by using a random generator, but I love embracing things in my environment.

Origami in itself is a fascinating  topic – the art of folding paper has provided inspiration for lots of innovations and designs. Nature also like things that be be folding into something tiny and opened when needed. The umbrella is a wonderful example, yet the design is not perfect since we need to locked into place when it is open.

Leaves can be folded and although this may seem like more or less great fun, the folding of leaves provide insights and information. Go here to see how you can make an origami leaf. Design packaging concepts for the future is a fascinating area and crumbled up pieces of paper, origami, and nature can provide lots of useful ideas. Or inspiration for improving that pile of forgotten ideas.

How do you improve upon your ideas?


One Reply to “Finding inspiration in a Piece of Paper – Abstract Origami”

  1. Random word generator? Isn’t life random enough? 🙂
    Just joking, and serious at the same time. I hear the fan blowing as I type and I think we need our distractors as seed for what we are doing, a bit of fresh air does the trick. Random is all about.
    It is good that you provide method to the randomity. Otherwise it is just chaos.

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