Decision-making and Emotions- FOMO and How to Become a Better Person

“Your intellect may be confused, but your emotions will never lie to you.”

Roger Ebert

An open mindset and willingness to explore possibilities is always vital. Decision-making and emotions are intertwined.Our emotions influence our decisions and the concept emotional intelligence explores the skill to recognise one’s own and other people’s emotions. Our skills to use information about our own and other people’s feeling and emotions influence and inform our thinking.

Red Hat thinking focus our attention to what we feel about an idea, intuitive or instinctive gut reactions are explored. The Hats method makes no claim to achieve a separation, between emotions and reason, rather optimizing our attention and focus is what Parallel Thinking is all about. Doing one thing at a time is an artificial and temporary separation. We try to suspend our attention on some aspects.

While wearing the metaphorical Red Hat, we need to be skilful in recognizing our feelings and emotions. Thus, a willingness to explore ways of being skilful in detecting emotions, feelings and intuitions is necessary to fully utilize Red Hat thinking. We believe that it is not enough to search inward for answers, rather the world and the environment needs to be taken into account. Feelings can be described as a view of the body state but this state is influenced and affected by factors such as music, colours, smells, and tastes.

manipulation-684047_1280Photo: brokenvectors

The School of Life is devoted to helping us develop our emotional intelligence through the help of culture. Several topics and issues are explored such as how to achieve calm and how to master the art of relationship. These two videos from the The School of Life  are great tools to help us ponder over life.

FOMO, or Fear of Missing Out explores the danger in modern life. We are constantly bombarded by suggestions about  how life might be perfect. The same can be said about suggestions that be put forward at home or at work. We often expect the perfect suggestion to appear and we may feel frustrated when the suggestion does not fit into this perfect frame. Consequently we may ignore less perfect ideas rather than improve upon them.

“Self-awareness – To know oneself is to try not to blame other for one’s troubles and moods, to have a sense of what’s going on inside oneself and what actually belongs to the world.”

The second video explores how we can become a better person; Resilience, Empathy, Patience, Sacrifice, Politeness, Humor, Self-Awareness, Forgiveness, Hope and Confidence.

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