Gold Rush – Data Mine and Search for Gold


What if you found 6 Terabytes of data?

What do you do with that amount of data?

And what would you do if it was data related to digital mining and exploration?

Gold mining data!

We have explored problems as well as opportunities with abundance of data in several blog posts. The company  Integra Gold is exploring one way of  data crunching – they invite the public to explore the data in the hope that they will find the next gold mine. Previously people-powered research has been used to explore scientific data, for example, Zooniverse (go here to read more about crowd-sourcing). And now we are all nvited to lead teh company to that big pot of gold.

The data goes back as far as 1933 and contains over 30,000 historic drill holes, more than 50,000 gold assays and hundreds of kilometers of underground workings. There are also photos and other mining statics for you to analyze. Additionally, there are many other sets of mining statistics and photos. Analyzing the data may hopefully lead to the company making a new discovery. The company will not only reward the person who comes up with strong candidates for where to search for gold but also other innovative ideas may be rewarded.

  • Can you use a similar approach to struck gold with your company?
  • Are there a data that has been ignored because it is simply too much data?
  • Who can you involve in the data mining?

Go here to read more about this contest and enter for a change to win 1 million Canadian dollars.

Photo. Public domain pictures

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