Underneath – Dig Deep to Find Passion

300px-Moai_Rano_rarakuPhoto: Aurbina

Of course, the heads on Easter islands have bodies. It seems so obvious once the images of the bodies appeared.

Throughout centuries, the story behind the mysterious stones and the people who built have lead to many speculations. Before the excavation the bodies, the questions focused around “Why did they built the heads?” and “How did they do it?” Now other questions are emerging: “Why did they bury the bodies?”, “Was the statues buried on purpose?” “Or it is simply the work of time?” The statues were carved by the Rapa Nui people. sometime between 1250 and 1500 AD so it is possible that  erosion and changes in the landscape could have buried the bodies.

easter-island-heads-bodies-6Photo: enpundit

Our thoughts are, just like the bodies of the statues, often hidden. Freud talked about the unconscious mind – a part that is not available to introspection. There is also the term subconscious mind, which is used to refer thoughts that are not in focus.

How can you find out more about yourself o ensure that you bring the best to your innovative process?

The course Social Entrepreneurship 101: Discovering Your Passion and Path to Change the World describes passion is fundamental for social entrepreneur. And perhaps passion is a good foundation for whatever you decide to do in life.

But how do you find your passions? How can you explore what is underneath yourself.

A life map might be a starting point for your journey to discover your own story and passion.

What can you include in a Life map?

  • Issues that you are passionate about.
  • People who have inspired you
  • Books that have captured your heart
  • Experiences that have made an impact upon you

To get some inspiration for a life map you can test Life ReimaginedYou can join for free and test make a Life Map.

To discover more about the excavations, visit Easter Island Statue Project website.

One Reply to “Underneath – Dig Deep to Find Passion”

  1. Great post!

    APC Why they burried their bodies: a.. out of shame b.. to burry their passion c.. like children on beaches: just fun d.. they had it cold e.. as a custom f.. to hide messages till someone intelligent to understand them would begin to dig (sorry, it took sooo long) g.. They symbolised that the body belongs to the arth and the head to the horizon, the view, h.. They had a comlete different worldview; the body communicates with the earth and ghosts in the earth and the dead bodies there and the unvisible/ The head is in the dark, the nothing, just seeing in the empty i.. Good exercise.

    Can’t find the link to Find your Passion.

    However, coud you design a better method, using mindmaps (as a first try to get into the unconscious) and then f.i. make a sketch to integrate and make an visual image, and then meditate on it, and then….

    Would be wonderful because so many people, and surely most of kids, don’t have any clou where there passion in is. Nowadays especially important, because there are so many possibilities that are interesting and available. Before you know , you made a wrong choice, that is not in the direction of your passion

    Thanks for the post, this week I have been so busy helping my son with his script. He is such a visual and divergent thinker that he needs someone who helps him structuring, keep on track, focussing. But it is marvelous to do so, and to see how more quality his script is attaining now (depth, layers, twists, characters) within 90 pages/minutes

    Have a good weekend, Gijs

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