Thinking about Thinkbility – Mind Map

What is thinkibility?

“Thinkibility is about the agility and skill in thinking. A biological approach to thinking, where it is assumed that thinking takes place in an environment and the characteristics of the environment influences the end results. Thinkibility is concerned with describing ways to create environments that lead to “fruitful” end results.”

OqD4TM1438183201The blog post Thinkibility Ultimately Explained  uses videos and text to explain some aspects of the concepts. In this blog post we explore a visual tool to examine the concept that we invented to describe what makes thinking special.

Making a mind map of ideas and concepts is widely acknowledged as a very powerful learning tool. A mind map is a visual tool used to create, manage, and exchange information and knowledge.Yet, it can also be used to as a thinking tool to get ideas and solve problems or to explore emotions and feelings – we will dive into this topic more in upcoming blog posts.

Now we will let the mind map speak for itself and we hope that it gives our readers a better understanding of thinkibility. And to make this a bit more practical, why not  try some of the thinkibility exercises that we designed last year for our T29 challenge? Like rearranging things or making your thinking 3D. All the 29 thinking challenges can be downloaded here for free.

Thinkibility 4

Thinkibility 6

Thinkibility 8

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