Where to Steal for the Best Ideas – Idea Holiday

stealingMaybe you believe that stealing ideas is not very creative or original.Or even that it is unethical. However, there are idea banks where people post, exchange, discuss and polish new ideas, just for the intellectual pleasure of devising ideas and the social rewards of sharing them. Some people approach idea banks just to get inspiration and getting into the mood of making a creative effort for something they are working on.

A good example of ‘taking a holiday” from our daily short time and quick solution oriented thinking can be found in the Siemens Ideas Bank, which is focused on technologies for basic needs. You will find inspirational ideas about:

  • Energy
  • Waste management and recycling
  • Food and Agriculture
  • Water and waste water
  • Health care
  • Housing and construction
  • ICT-solutions
  • Integral solutions

Other, sometimes hilarious but also serious ideas can be found in Halfbakery, like the mini segway executive chair. Simple and practical ideas can be found in An Idea A Day, like political ideas to solve the Israel-Palestine conflict.

For ideas about social innovation – the design of social arrangements – look at the book The Global Ideas Bank – 500 ways to change the world.

So take a holiday and visit interesting ideas!

idea holiday


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