Surfing on the Waves of Future – Do you Need a Hazmat Suit?


Photo: Pixabay

Imagine the sand, the surfboard and the giant blue waves. You can hear the waves crashing in. . .

Now read this excerpt from Surfology:

“The Surfrider Foundation has always advised the public never to swim or surf after a rain. The coastal waters are polluted with urban runoff and sewage from leaking water logged sewer pipes. In most places, and especially in Southern California, ocean water quality after a rain is dangerous.”

Now imagine what surfing would be like in the future. What possible scenarios are there?

And will you need a hazmat suit to protect yourselves from all the pollution in the water?

Photo: Michael Dyrland and Mike Marshall
Michael Dryland got the inspiration for the hazmat suit after a visit to Los Angeles. One morning after the rain had cleared, he wanted to go surfing but his friends told him that no one surfs after it had rained. It seldom rains in Los Angeles and when it does all the sewage, garbage and oils runs right into the ocean. Billion of liters of rain runoff straight into the ocean. And it you surf in this water you can pick up all sort of diseases.
The two videos below by Dyrland Productions paints a gloomy and sad vision. But they are great conversation starters and they do make you think about what can happen if we continue with the current trend.
The approach used in these videos can be described as exaggerations – a deliberate way to makes us escape from the current thinking. Exaggeration is a creative technique but if you live in Los Angeles maybe this creative approach does not work since it is already part of people’s everyday life. Expressed differently, you always need to consider the group you are thinking about exposing to an exaggeration or provocation. In this case if you live in Los Angeles it is more or less reality.

Part of this article has been published on Blue Think Dive.


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