How to Use Handgestures


Have you learnt to master the hand gestures of real thought leaders?

Imagine that you are trying to explain this grand new idea. The innovation that is going to change everything. As by reflex, your hand lifts up and you start making a fine distinction between your idea and the all other ideas. The distinction that makes all the difference. Perhaps your hand will look something like this.


Or maybe you will use “The Dialectic” gestures as a way of saying “‘take me seriously.” You may not be aware of these hand gestures but when you start thinking about these gestures it is difficult to understand how you never seriously thought about them before.


Alice May Williams and Jasmine Johnson studied hand gestures used during academic lectures and they have created an instructional website: The Glossary of Gestures for Critical Discussion. 

Are these useful gestures for innovators and designers?

And do innovators and designers use them effectively?

You can buy a Critical Gestures product for the faux-intellectual in your life here. 

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