T 12 – 12 Days of Thinkibility Christmas Challenge


Last year, Gijs and I thought it would be fun to give  our readers a thinking challenge. So the idea of T29 was born. Every day, for 29 days, we posted a thinking challenge.

This year we have made a Christmas Challenge – T12. A challenge for our readers who love everything about the Festive Season and a great challenge for those of us who need something else to think about during this time of the year.

This challenge is based upon the traditional English Christmas Carol –  Twelve Days of Christmas.

A focus area this year on the blog has been concepts so this challenge is focused on ways to extract concepts from a Carol.

During the festive season the amount of garbage increase by 25 percent in some parts of the world. So it seems like a great idea to also focus on thinking about ways to create more sustainability during the festive season. This challenge will also be posted on Blue Think Dive.

Coming soon!

  • Day 1 – Partridge in a Pear Tree – extracting concepts


Take up this challenge and get an overall thinking festive workout.

IsdagPhoto: Ann-Margrethe Iseklint

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