Day 7 – Christmas Thinkibility Challenge

Swans can walk on earth, swim in the sea and soar in the sky. These magnificent birds are often seen as a symbol of freedom, life, grace or purity. It is magical to watch their movements as the glide on the water with their graceful long necks. And just like yang and yin there are white as well as black swans.

On the seventh day of Christmas my try love sent to me

Seven Swans a-swimming

The white swan increases speed before rise

The Festive Season is a glittering, sparkling light show. We decorate our homes and gardens and fill them with pretty things. Dealing with beauty is not only important for our soul but can also be used as a framework when designing things and decorating our homes.Yet often our search for inspiration is limited to ideas in the shop windows.

Use swans as inspiration and design some Festive decorations, gifts, gift wrapping material. . .

SWAN-L-WH-1-CJacobsen Swan Chair White




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