Day 9 – Christmas Thinkibility Challenge

On the Ninth Day of Christmas my true love sent to me

Nine Ladies Dancing

Girl with red hat, isolated on a white background.

Choreographers put dancing on display. If you were asked to stage a Christmas dance, what would it look like?

What xmassy feelings would be expressed in the dance. What moods and feelings would this dance need to showcase?

Put on some music and imagine that you are going to choreograph a dance that express xmassy emotions, feelings and moods. Use the dancers bodies as instruments to explore and express ideas. Dancing may help to create a common vision about the joy of the festive Season, the pain of people suffering during this time of the year, or concerns about the the impact that our Festive celebrations may have on the resources of our Earth. By imaging that you are a choreographer you are given a chance to let people encounter different aspects of themselves. This is different from being engaged in dancing. You are the organizer, the director, the brain. . .

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