Day 11 – Christmas Thinkibility Challenge

LS-TDC-11-PipersPipingPhoto: Lori Siebert

On the Eleventh Day of Christmas my true love sent to me

Eleven Pipers Piping

Bake them a cake, give them a hug, sing a song and blow the pipes. Media, advertisers and even governments link consumption with happiness and prosperity. Today chants and carols are competing with Christmas albums and there is stiff competition between artists to gain the top position on the Christmas sell charts. Music was an early part of Christmas celebrations yet today we are often simply consuming music.

Throughout centuries, shepherds have played pipes. In Scotland, pipe music played an important part in the prehistoric society and pipes were used as instruments to evoke atmosphere. Often the skins of local animals such as goats and sheep were used to make the bags. More recently, synthetic materials have become increasingly more popular.

Imagine that you could make a Christmas instrument built by using sustainable materials that captures the spirit of the Festive season. What would it look like?

Need inspiration. . . look at animals and plants around you and see if they can help just like sheep may have inspired shepherds. . .

GePS, gesture-based performance system has been developed by Cedric Spindler and Frederic Robinson. This wearable glove lets you create electronic music with hand gestures. Some gestures remind me of bird feathers dancing in the winter wind. . .

To play the blue AlphaSphere is easy – simply press on the soft pads that are covering the dome-shaped body. looks almost like a Christmas bauble or. . .

iNeADJUt6SywAlpha Sphere

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