Day 12 – Christmas Thinkibility Challenge

On the twelfth day of Christmas may true love gave to me

Twelve Drummers Drumming

The traditional image of drummers is marching drummers walking round and round. Circular Economy is a term used to describe an economy that relies on renewable energy and to minimise and eradicate waste through careful design.

In this TedEd talk the main ideas behind circular economy are summarized.

The main principles can be defined as:

  • Design out waste.
  • Build resilience through diversity.
  • Work towards using energy from renewable sources.
  • Think in ‘systems’.
  • Think in cascades.

You can read more about these principles at Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

For the last challenge, reflect upon these principles and see what they mean to you and the way you celebrate Christmas. Reflection is a vital apart of any thinking exercise.

The overall aim with these challenge was to provide inspiration for new insights and ideas. There are many fantastic blogs filled with tips and ideas to make your Festive Season more sustainable. Yet these ideas may not fit into your circumstances and the idea was to inspire our readers to play with ideas. A playful approach to thinking and innovation is necessary to achieve breakthrough ideas. Wild and crazy ideas can be improved upon and they may provide an exciting foundation upon which new insights can be built.

Ann-Margrethe, Gijs and I love to explore possibilities and we believe that apart from being tremendously fun, it is also vital for real change.

Ann-Margrethe, Gijs, and I wish you a Wonderful Festive Season filled with
new ideas and conversations topics.

Julafton 12

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