Artist-programmers and Artistic Programmers Wanted

Hand writing with a pen on a white background
Hand writing with a pen on a white background

Thomas Mass suggests in the book What to Think About Machines That Think: Today’s Leading Thinkers on the Age of Machine Intelligence that machines needs to grow up. So far we have designed machines that are like juveniles. Machines are mundane and they are carrying our mundane tasks.

We need machines that have more souls, more art and more poetry, and to build these machines and artificial intelligences we need artist-programmers and artistic programmers.

Are there any universities that offers these types of courses? Perhaps this will be offered at the Thinkibility University . . .

Last year I created some material for young children. I decided to make some exciting Valentine material using animals as inspiration. There are tasks where children have to design a cuddly robo, a kindness robo or a love robo with three heart, inspired by the three hearts of the octopus. In a way this material fits well into the idea that machines need to grow up and develop a soul. . .

What else do we need to make sure that we programme machines to do?

Artificial intelligence may be used to explore new territories such new planets and the bottom of oceanic trenches. Paradoxically we need to create AI that similar to us but also that are not human-like, says Stephen Kosslyn.

Our thinking is shaped by our experiences and the environment – we have developed our brain in a way to deal with various challenges. Martin Seligman says that we spend a lot of our time prospecting the future.  We consider various possible scenarios  and then we choose our actions – we translate our thinking into doing.

Can we build machines and AI that can consider possible future scenarios? A machine that selects among different goals and is social and can show kindness . . .

Big questions that has been sparked by the book What to Think About Machines That Think. Warmly recommended.

3 Replies to “Artist-programmers and Artistic Programmers Wanted”

  1. I heard that there’s a standing challenge in robotics to build a robot who can do a specific task and survive. Can you guess what that task is? It’s one that a human can do that is slightly illegal because it’s slightly dangerous. A robot has not yet been designed to be able to do this task (reliably) without being destroyed in the process. Whereas, humans do it every day. Only very old or physically limited humans become injured doing this task – and that hardly ever happens.

      1. The answer is jaywalking – crossing the street against unpredictable traffic. Of course the fact that when the robot fails, it’s damaged by being hit and the designers go back to the trouble of building a replacement.
        This challenge must have been solved! Because I hear that driverless cars now exist. For this to be true, someone must have figured out how to get a program to judge unpredictable factors involved in speed estimation and spacial orientation.
        The invention of driverless vehicles will really change society. Think of all the trucks that deliver goods – taxi drivers. Would it make it legal to consume alcoholic beverages in a vehicle again, since the consumer isn’t the driver?

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