Ways to Cut a Pizza and Other Useful Things

Being creative is to conquer the stairway to nothingness because nothing is for sure but it is thrilling . . . interesting. . . exciting. . . Just like slicing a pizza!


How do you cut a pizza?

The criteria for cutting pizza into slices is simple- are the slices equal?

So how can you be more creative with the task of cutting pizza into slices? And indeed what can you learn from cutting pizza into different slices?

A team of mathematicians has found some new ways to cut pizzas into slices, while still ensuring that the size considerations are met. The slicing of pizzas has a lot to do with the circular geometry and this is the underlying reason for the interest of mathematicians.

Previously it has been shown that you can cut a pizza into six curved slices (or ‘shields’), each of which could then be sliced in half to produce 12 identical slices.

Mathematicians Have Found Crazy New Ways to Cut Pizza Into Equal Slices

Yet the new approach shows a way to use an even more complex way of slicing a pizza.

Mathematicians Have Found Crazy New Ways to Cut Pizza Into Equal Slices

Joel Haddley and Stephen Worsley of the University of Liverpool, UK, have proved you can create similar tilings from curved pieces with any odd number of sides – known as 5-gons, 7-gons and so on and then dividing them in two.

Mathematicians Have Found Crazy New Ways to Cut Pizza Into Equal Slices

A creative approach to life and thinking is to constantly challenge yourself and searching for new possible ways of doing things. This constant challenging of everyday activities, like slicing an pizza or apple, will help you to twist and turn things around when you facing problems that you need to solve.

To cut a pizza into different types of shields you need a steady hand, a sharp cutter or tool,  and confidence. Fear of making a mistake prevents us from exploring new paths.

Images by Joel Haddley/Stephen Worsley.


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