Aliens Have . . . Predictive Ideas – Thinkbility Nibble


Imagine a living creature on another planet. This planet has different atmosphere than Earth and it is in a different solar system.

Cartoon face

What does your alien look like?

Before you start imagining,  give your thoughts some directions. Design new perspectives before you start.

Aliens can be : humans like we, but they have grown up under different environmental circumstances

  • much more heavy g-forces
  • less earth force
  • different light conditions
  • different light cycles
  • no oxygen, but NO2 or CO2
  • their tactile perception is different
  • they eat different thing
Aliens can be:
  • a combination of human bodies and intelligent machines
  • beamed up humans (The actual bodies are somewhere else than the manifistation, they exist as a kind of hologram).
  • machines, and there is a device to determine the truth of that idea (the Turing test)
  • plants
  • fruits
  • clouds
  • raindrop
  • a wave
  • animals, but got devices so they behave as humans – thinking and talking dogs.
  • things that are normally static in a house – a freezer, a dish washer, a car, a lorry . . .
  • a form never seen before – a purple bacteria
  • be real, but they cannot be seen
    • they are only detectable in the brain
    • they are invisible to our eyes so we have to develop special devices so that we can see them. The interesting question is how can we make a alien to look like  a cup, a saucer, or . . .?
Aliens could have better adapted bodies to the conditions on Earth.
  • they all play piano with two hands and two feet
  • they get younger every year
  • they have evolved some hygienic device

Aliens could less adapted bodies to the conditions on Earth.

  • they could be bacteria and only respond to certain chemicals
Now, you are ready to design and imagine your alien.
But . . . will it make a difference how they look?
How will communicate with them?


A similar approach where you give your thoughts directions could of course be used in lots of different situations. Often we start thinking without planning and giving our thoughts any directions.  In many cases, this approach to a creative and imaginative task lead to predictable ideas.

4 Replies to “Aliens Have . . . Predictive Ideas – Thinkbility Nibble”

  1. Continuing to speculate, if 1% of intelligent life survives long enough to become a potentially galaxy-colonizing Type III Civilization, our calculations above suggest that there should be at least 1,000 Type III Civilizations in our galaxy alone—and given the power of such a civilization, their presence would likely be pretty noticeable. And yet, we see nothing, hear nothing, and we’re visited by no one.

    So where is everybody?


    Welcome to the Fermi Paradox.

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