Mr Fox, Children’s Drawings and Van Gogh – Thinkibility Nibble


What if your home looked like a scene from a book or painting?
What book or painting would you choose?
Would this change the way you look upon your home?
And would it change your thinking?

The architect firm De Rosee Sa created a school dining hall inspired by Roald’s Dahl’s book Fantastic Mr Fox. 

And they could not have found better inspiration since the main character says:

“every day we will eat like kings”.

An underground village is described in the book and this must be a great way to spark children’s imagination with  “separate houses for badgers and moles and rabbits and weasels and foxes”. The school canteen consists of rainbow-coloured facades shaped like a little village.

Does the food taste better in this environment?
What thoughts swirl around the children’s heads as they wait for their food to be served?

Little Hall at Prestwood Infant School by De Rosee Sa ArchitectsPhoto. De Zeen

In Denmark, the firm COBE Architects, draw their inspiration from children’s drawings of houses. If you look at  children’s drawing you often see that the houses they draw have peaked roofs and frame-less windows. Drains are hidden and the overall impression is of clean and uncluttered houses.

There is a tendency to build large kindergartens. Yet the idea behind this project is to create intimacy and spaces that reflect a child’s small world.

Do children behave differently when the kindergarten looks like something they could have drawn themselves?

Photo: De Zeen

Now let us enter the world created by Vincent Van Gogh by exploring a full-sized recreation of his painting “The bedroom“. You can spend a night or two living in you art history dream painting.  Yes, you can actually sleep in the room, which is located in a museum in Chicago. And it is not very  expensive –  a one-night stay  costs US $14 ( the room accommodates two people).

What would it feel like to wake up in a painting?

Heritage Images via Getty Images
A painting of Van Gogh’s bedroom found in the collection of the Musée d’Orsay in Paris.
Our imagination is a powerful tool. Yet, some things need to be experienced.

One Reply to “Mr Fox, Children’s Drawings and Van Gogh – Thinkibility Nibble”

  1. Great nibble by Asa, because for me the nibble led to the following contemplation

    Has there ever been a research project that investigates what happens to thinking skills
    – If the ceilings of the office are highered: –> more expanded, less narrow minded thinking?
    -if there are in offices more space, more light –> more optimistic mood, more looking for opportunities than for errors?
    If people are:
    in a van Gogh room –> more impressionistic thinking
    in a Rembrandt room –> more shadow nuances in reasoning?
    in a Picasso room: more asymmetric reasoning
    in a Mondrian room: more abstract reasoning, absence of feelings, facistoide?

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