The Life House – Thinkibility Nibble


Photo: School of Life

Gijs and I have spent many hours exploring ideas and theories related to the importance of the environment when discussing thinking.

Thinkibility is about the agility and skill in thinking. A biological approach to thinking, where it is assumed that thinking takes place in an environment and the characteristics of the environment influences the end results. Thinkibility is concerned with describing ways to create environments that lead to “fruitful” end results.”

The School of Life with the philosopher Alain de Botton has built together  with Living Architecture and the architect John Pawson a house that is perhaps perfect for meditation. The house is set amidst a landscape of hills in Wales. The idea is that the visitors should leave the house feeling calm and re-invigorated.

Japanese design as well as the architecture of Benedictine monks influenced the design of this house which is simple, calming yet also luxurious.

I love the design yet I cannot help to think dive into what a house or a section of a house that sparks ideas as well as sharpen your problem-solving skills would look like. All sorts of ideas are swishing through my mind about ways to not only calm people’s mind but also to tempt them to explore possibilities.

What does your special house built to spark new ideas look like?

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  1. Dear Asa,

    you surpass yourself, great post and a perfect introduction for over ten posts!

    Let’s inventory the topics, and after writing the posts, we bundle it into a booklet.

    PS My wife is stable, back on normal heart rate and waiting and monitored in the hospital for the operation within a few weeks. I knew she is unique, but not that she has an congenital bad heart valve…My task now is to be there every day from 14.30 to 19.30 and reassuring her that it will be fine.

    Kindest regards,


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