Inflowsibly News and Rebuttlenessed


“Today I read the most inflowsibly news. I felt absolutely rebuttlenessed after that.”

Gibberish but believable gibberish.  Two or the words, inflowsible and reuttlenessed, are nonsense words that are based on frequency lists of phonemes in the English language.

The term nonsense is used to describe something that lacks any coherent meaning. But perhaps it is not a fruitful approach to quickly dismiss nonsense as something negative and something that is useless. Nonsense is a way to destroy prevalent views or opinions.

Out of nonsense  grows the  imagination and new ideas may develop. Some nonsense may be more believable than other nonsense and some nonsense may be rather trivial in character and as a result, they do not offer a stepping stone for further exploration. But keep an eye open for the believable nonsense and write them down. Ponder over the underlying assumptions and ideas that dismissed in the nonsensical suggestion.  Listen to children they are often little experts at saying nonsense with a deeper meaning if you take the time to explore the suggestions.

Several scientific discoveries have been made based upon nonsensical  suggestions, for example,  Rutherford suggested that they should see if any alpha particles had been reflected back , which was nonsense since “the plum pudding model” that was used suggested that the particles should go through.

You can generate tricky words based on frequency list of phonemes as they occur in legitimate English words. Mostly gibberish. Go here.




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