Absurdity as Inspiration


Photo Kusa shoes

Love this short film about absurdity!

Apart from making me smile, this is also a great visual thinking exercise.  Challenging yourself to explore possibilities and new scenarios can lead to not only new insights but also be a starting point for an innovation. Absurd ideas and visual images can help us to practice the skill of not taking ourselves too seriously. Work fast and let your visualizations run away with you.

Absurdities also teach us about ourselves.

“I dislike absurdities.”
“I love absurdities.”
“I disliked them at first but like them now.”

In a beautiful little book, Variations of Normal, the British designer  Dominic Wilcox, has drawn absurd, yet perfectly logical innovations. Taking ideas to the extreme can lead to not only wonderfully funny ideas but also to breakthrough ideas.

“Dominic Wilcox’s drawings aren’t just witty and beautifully drawn, they are serious challenges to the real world to keep looking at itself with innocent eyes, wondering what else is possible.” Thomas Heatherwick

Not all crazy and wild ideas are good ideas but they are fun! And after all, we got printing and books when Gutenberg put a coin punch and a wine-press together.

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