Unschooling – Thinkibility Boost

What is unschooling?

Is unschooling the same as homeschooling?

And is wilderness necessary for unschooling?

Let us start with your first thoughts when you read the quote above. When we read quotes is tempting to either agree or disagree. Yet, exploring  a topic is a much more fruitful approach.

Usually we do not agree or disagree about everything in a statement. Often there is disagreement on some points and agreement on others. There may also be some points that are irrelevant after you have thought more about the topic.

What is unschooling?

5 Replies to “Unschooling – Thinkibility Boost”

    1. There should be more focus on what parents want their children to learn and, secondly, what children themselves find more interesting. Decisions should not be top down. Authorities have good ideas but these need not be imposed on students. Very little need be compulsory.

      (Seems like I can sign in!)

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