Change Your Mood

How many seconds does it take to shift your mood?

What messages would  you write to change your mood/thinking?

SLOO is an art toy that can help “to remind us to have the strength and motivation to express.”

Chalk is a toy created like a chalkboard, which means that you can draw and write on the toy.  You can draw what you want at the moment, then change the messages as your mood changes.

We love this idea! A simple, yet, great way to bring a fresh perspective and mindset to your daily challenges. Really great things to have and to decorate boring offices, like in Intensive Human Farming.

We all have moods which can affect the way our physical body feels and operates. Our moods affect others and it also influences our thinking. If you are working on a problem, you would not want to infect it with your less desirable moods? It is tricky to manage our emotions and few of us can maintain a steady level of fruitful mood all day.

What messages would you write or draw on Chalk?

Thinkibility favourites:

  • What is normal? What is generally accepted? Can I escape from it?
  • What if. . .?
  • Redefine, shift focus
  • How would nature solve it?
  • What is the utopia? The best, by definition unfeasible, result?
  • Be brave.
  • Listen to your body.
  • Know more, grow more.
  • Breathe in and breathe out.


Sloos are excellent example how to remind yo to shift your mood, if you wish so.
Perhaps there are other ways to change your mood deliberately.

Can you design some new and exciting ways?

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