Play, Embrace Uncertainty and Eat Chia Seeds

What can you do to be more creative?

In the video below you can listen to the neuroscientist Beau Lotto when he talks about the value of neurodesign in creating experiences that resonate with people.  He suggests that only by  encouraging uncertainty can we nurture creativity.

Companies, corporations, organizations and schools are failing to instil creativity. They simply focus too much on answers rather than  questions. The importance of question asking have been explored in several blog posts.

“The most intelligent and adapted animals on earth play into adulthood. In order to think creatively, they must step into uncertainty.” Beau Lotto

Yet, there are other important aspects that may affect our creative thinking. Our brain health depends on proper nutrition. Even though it might not be possible to eat certain things to get that brilliant idea, what we eat affects our brain.Everything you put on your fork is going to be used as to make everything in your brain.

The stereotype of the starving  artist is common, yet, it is unlikely that the stereotype who is actually starving will have the mental capacity to produce any masterpiece. After all, brain cells need twice as much energy from food as any other cells in your body. So making sure that your brain is not hungry is important.

Pablo Picasso’s success and his ideas is surely not down to his diet but he knew to look after is brain by feeding it a diet of fish and spinach, prescribed by his doctor.

Fuel your brain with unprocessed food. High quality fuel will make your brain run better for longer. Processed food are high in trans fats, artificial ingredients, and sugar. This food can leave us feeling uninspired, foggy and lethargic. They simply drain us of a creative approach to thinking. Yet, indulging in the occasional treat will help realises endorphins to your brain making you feel more positive and may even boost your creativity.

Chia seeds contains essential fatty acids that will help our brains to process and understand information, which is necessary part of creative thinking and problem solving.

Give some of these thinkibility boosting ideas a try to see if they inspire you to get into that creative mood. And why not put on some music to further inspire the creative  flow.


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