Paradoxical T-Shirts

Stand out in a crowd

  • To be very different and easy to notice. He’s the kind of man that stands out in a crowd.
  • To be different from something: vary, distinguish, contrast. To be, or to become obvious or noticeable: stand out, jump out at, stick out a mile…

It’s amazing how many people let themselves voluntarily be used as advertising boards by clothing manufacturers…………

Amazing too is that so many people choose for their personal branding a logo that millions of other people also use for their personal branding………..

But the highlight is that people wear t-shirts with the text “Stand out in the Crowd”, along with thousands of other people that wear T-shirts with the same text “Stand Out in the Crowd”, what makes them all not standing out of the crowd–> paradox.

See also our Thinkibility Nibble Brands



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