There Is No Need For Inventiveness

There is no need for inventiveness – the quality of being inventive; creativity – because everything is already invented. Thus, leave your creative thinking to some geniuses that have a special talent for it. And the Internet, that information highway, will do the rest. The great and marvellous innovation that you need will appear on your screen just as you need it!

Will it?

If so, no enterprise would need marketing. With the Internet, you would expect that all consumers and producers have perfect and instantaneous knowledge of all products and their price.

Actually,  global marketing services spending from 2012 to 2016 as well as a forecast thereof until 2018 would amount to 457.6 billion U.S. dollars in 2018.

Many products don’t reach the public. Many inventions don’t reach possible interested people, because the, mostly young, companies behind it do not have enough capital to spend on marketing and possible interested people are unknown to it.

So far, the inventions are there and thus, no inventiveness by the consumer is needed.

However, it is just the lack of inventiveness by the consumer that makes interesting that inventions do not reach the market.

Most windows in hot countries are covered with roller shutters against the heat of the sun, but I never imagined that blinds could be used as solar panels. The moment I did, in a split of a second I had confirmed the existence of the concept “solar cells on shutters” via the Internet.

If you never invented the idea of walls as solar power generating electricity generators, you will never look for it at the Internet, till some massive marketing campaign will plant that concept in your mind.

 The company’s Invisible Solar panels are meant to look just like concrete bricks, slate shingles, and even wooden boards, making renewable energy flow fluidly with classic architecture.

Thus, as consumers, we need to be inventive in our search for new products as well as the original inventors.

Some other examples that inventiveness by consumers is needed to take full advantage of the inventiveness of companies:

Irritations, next to wondering and focussed attention, are good starting points for inventiveness but are seldom used. Most people reside in discomfort.

  • Have you never made it a problem that it is difficult to get a duvet in the sheet? Of course, you will know the California Roll Way, inspired by the art of making Sushi. But why not using two sheets attached with velcro?
  • Plastic bags are spoiling the oceans and seep as microplastics into the food chain for thousands of years. Therefore, we should get rid of plastic bags. Forbid it. However, it never came up in my mind to design a plastic bag that dissolves completely into the water while no contaminants are being released: the Solubag, invented in Chili.
  • Back pains and headaches caused by using your laptop in bed?


Develop your inventiveness to not miss innovations!


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