The History of Emotions – Thinkibility Nibble

“The history of the emotions is a young discipline. It is at the very beginning of its investigation into the long story of our feelings. “Are we”, asks Thomas Dixon, “writing the history of something that has always been the same fundamentally in the human mind being expressed and interpreted in different ways? Or are we, as most of us who do it would think, discovering the historicity of the human mind? Discovering that you can’t feel just any old way; you only feel the way you do because of your language, your experience, your family, your upbringing, your social institutions, your political institutions.” 

From The Luxury of Tears by Matthew Sweet

See also The History of Emotions in Wikipedia and the book by Jan Plamper in which he maps a vast terrain of thought about feelings in anthropology, philosophy, sociology, linguistics, art history, political science, the life sciences; from nineteenth-century experimental psychology to the latest affective neuroscience; and history, from ancient times to the present day.

And where are our emotions located? In our stomach, nerves or head. In the interaction between us and our surroundings? In an environment, which characteristics influence feelings and emotions?  Or something that is blowing in the wind, affecting the mind, as the Ancient Greeks thought?

For inspiration about reflecting where the mind and its feelings are located, read our blog posts  World Thinker’s Ideas – Rethink and Re-examine and Art – Thinkibility Boost


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