We made it to this five-hundred and one post! To celebrate this we announce the publishing of two books that reflect the most profound insights we got from our notes on Thinking, Creativity, Innovation and Design so far.

Concepts at Work

Working with concepts will get you all the ins- and outs of conceptual thinking. It will make your insight in complex situations more clearly and your writing more comprehensive. It will enhance your study skills and show you how to use concepts to multiply your ideas and become more inventive. This richly illustrated book covers various applications as to law, technology, medicine, inventions, art, architecture as well as day-to-day creativity.
To be expected: July 2019. 

Biomimicry for Young Children – Working title

Biomimicry is an exciting way to inspire young children to be creative, curious and to observe the world. Children come to understand how animals and plants can be used as a platform upon which ideas, buildings, and inventions can be developed; with the focus shifting from observing to being inspired to solve problems or to invent things.

This illustrated book tells the story of two children as they observe animals and plants throughout the year. The book uses the characters’ observations as a stepping stone to spark ideas as well as an introduction to the world of inventions and creative thinking.

Nature watching is a fun way to hunt for ideas and solve problems.

To be expected: July 2019

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