Combining concepts

What does a concert hall look like?

What things are important for a great concert hall?

A concert hall is:

  • a building with a stage
  • performanance venue
  • filled with seats

There are many benefits with conceptual thinking, thinking with the aid of concepts.  A concept can be defined as an abstract and general idea. But it can also be described as an underlying principle, or a class of features. A concept is an idea stripped of details, but paradoxial lots of details are often added to explain a concept.

New insights and ideas can emerge if you change an underlying idea that describes a concept.

Let us return to the concert hall. The Musical Mountaineers are using nature as their venue. No, it is not a concert in the park. They carry their instruments, violin and keyboard, up to the top of the mountain. They play in the wilderness with nature as an audience. They play in sunshine and on cold winter days.

“When we carry our instruments into the wilderness, our mission is to use the powerful combination of the wilderness and music to remind people of all the good in the world, and to encourage others to follow their heart and blaze their own trail.”

So, do they really carry their instruments into the wilderness? Do they use a horse, a helicopter. . . or . . .

Anastasia and Rose are mountain climbers as well as musicians. So they combined the concepts and their love!

Want to learn more about concepts and conceptual thinking, click here or here.

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