How many new materials have been invented since it was introduced?

The first plastic was invented in 1907 by Leo Hendrik Baekeland. Today, barely a day goes by without the introduction of a new-anti plastic initiative, for example, plastic-free aisle in the supermarket. Yet, few new materials have been invented and we need new materials. Admittedly, new packaging materials such as using mushroom has appeared on the market but if we look for construction materials few new materials have been developed.

Can you visualise a house built in 2050? What kind of materials are being used to build it?

A modern construction often uses glass and steel. So it might seem like an strange idea to spend time talking about wood.

Yet, just like old ideas can be given a make-over using thinking tool, so can an old material. Ideas can be improved upon and it seems like materials like wood can also be updated.

The new wood is transparent and can store as well as relase heat. Perfect for energy-efficient homes. Work is carried out to make a biodegradable version so that the transparent wood can be an eco-friendly alternative to plastic and glass. The new wood is sturdy and it might even be used instead of concrete.

Any materials that you can update?

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