Is It Well Ventilated Here? – Thinkibility Nibble

Focus: How do I know that a space (shop, hall, office) is well ventilated?

PO: you can ¨see¨ whether a room is well ventilated

(PO means: This is a Provocative Operation, intended to break through the obvious, routine mindset of thinking, and thus, perhaps, to arrive at groundbreaking new ideas. Do not take them literally, but use them as a tool to further explore the subject. PO is the opPOsite of NO. A PO might be a temporary imPOssibility).

  1. You can measure the air quality by a personal device.
  2. There are mystery guests that measure once a day the air quality in a venue and publish the results on a (paid) website.
  3. On the outside of a building, you can see whether the Hevac installations meet the requirements.
  4. At the entrance, there is a remote display that shows the functioning of the Hevac installation, f.i. how often the room is refreshed, the temperature and the humidity, the state of the HEPA filters.
  5. There is a kind of laser beam that shows the number of particles in the air.
  6. If you know how many times per minute how many cubic meters of air is refreshed, and you know how many cubic meters per employee or visitor is used, you can calculate how many employees or visitors may be present and may be admitted. This is shown on a large sign at the entrance.
  7. People wear reverse compressed air equipment: exhausted air is collected in personal or collective gas cylinders.
  8. If the building is not well ventilated: the mouth masks will turn red.
  9. Companies advertise with their up/to/date ventilation systems

Nature-inspired solutions, biomimicry, offer a way to gain new insights into ways to determine if the air is bad. Dogs have increable noses and the part of a bear’s brain that deals with smells is five times larger than that of a human. The shark is famous for its ability to detect blood in the water. But the most amazing animals is perpahs the ants who by using chemical communication can tell which members of their group are major or minor workers, or which member of the group that is the queen.


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