Creative Thinking – A Masterclass for Facilitators

A common misunderstanding

It is a misunderstanding to think that the purpose of a creative thinking session is to come up with new ideas or innovative concepts. Nor is it the mere application of a creative thinking technique, however exotic it may be.

The purpose is to escape from dominant thinking patterns. It is to look for (temporary) impossibilities.

10 main points

  1. Realize yourself why we fail to produce ideas, even under the guidance of an experienced facilitator.
  2. Know the basic concepts or principles underlying some 250 or more creative thinking techniques.
  3. Understand the social dynamics of thinking in a group.
  4. Know the difference between an idea and an innovation.
  5. Know exactly what the thinking situation actually is.
  6. Structure your session well: the 20-minute idea boost or the Ideathon.
  7. Pay rigor attention to defining the focus.
  8. Avoid boring ideas and push harder.
  9. Know when you have stumbled on a really good idea.
  10. Capture the ideas as a result of the thinking in a formal way.


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