Opportunities for new apps are abundant and everywhere

Ideas for innovative apps seem to be up for grabs. However, it seems that way only afterward. Nearly all innovative apps have had someone that noticed that something was clunky, but most people passed by and accepted the inconvenience because it had always been that way. They simply didn’t think about it.

However, the creator did. He wondered: ¨Could this simpler, smarter?¨ Obviously, she is an expert in the capabilities of a smartphone,.

An example:

Food Preferences Simplified

Soosee app makes reading labels unnecessary. Have you just discovered a food allergy, have you recently started eating vegan, or does your partner have all kinds of complicated intolerances? Then a lot of time is lost reading each label and remembering which ingredients can and cannot be served.


Take away

  1. Pay attention to an inconvenience.
  2. Can you solve this inconvenience by using a smartphone?

Happy apps designing!

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