Change of Direction

Welcome to Our newish Blog!

We started this blog in November 2011, and now, almost nine years later, we feel that it is time to change our focus. The main focus will continue to be on ways to inspire a creative approach to problem-solving and innovation but the topics that we will focus on will be on sustainability, climate change, extinction, and biodiversity. However, we will occasionally blog about our usual topics.

There is a range of reasons behind the change of direction. Firstly, we need a new challenge ourselves, and what can be a better and more important challenge than to explore ways to make our Earth a better place. While it all might seem like doom and gloom when you think about plastic pollution, extinction rate, and the implications of a warmer planet, we can turn things around just like the documentary Extinction: The Facts suggests. Changes in the way where are living require a flexible approach to thinking and problem-solving.

Secondly, a couple of years ago, Asa became interested in Biomimicry, and during the last couple of years, she has written educational materials for children with a focus on using nature as inspiration for ideas. In our blog, we will use a range of ways to develop sustainable solutions, among them Biomimicry.

Thirdly, we feel that the pandemic has provided us all with an opportunity to change the direction of the way we live our lives. Huge challenges that require agile and flexible thinking. So the Thinkibility approach to thinking seems like a good starting point.

“Thinkibility is a bit football-ity, similar to something shown by stars as Johan Cruijff. It is not just agility and ball control. Nor velocity, or skill. It is more, much more. Can you score with your thinking? Do you have a personal style of thinking?” Thinkibility Ultimately Explained

We hope you will continue to enjoy our blog and a Warm welcome to New Readers.

Photo by Miriam Fischer from Pexels


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