Global Warming – The Problem Is … and Also …. And … Too!

The problem as Originally Defined

The problem is that primarily greenhouse gas emissions causing Global Warning.

Many brilliant people have thought about this nagging problem, at least from the 60s. However, history shows that many brilliant experts could have it wrong. Let’s try to get ideas on how to attack the climate crisis by greenhouse gas emissions in a non-obvious way. Ideas where never anyone has thought of. If you wish so: out-of-the-box. Beyond more-of-the-same thinking. Outside current thinking.

Redefine the Focus at Infinity

To lessen the risk of being trapped in an obvious definition of the thinking goal –and getting obvious ideas– it helps to redefine the thinking challenge in at least 20 ways, connecting them with the statement: the problem here is. . . and. . . and. . . also. . . and not to forget . . .

Choose three of the most unorthodox or remote definitions of the problem. It increases the chance of unorthodox ideas. Proceed the creative thinking with those three.

Our efforts

  1. The climate is changing faster around the poles.
  2. Deforestation
  3. Intensive farming

The climate is changing faster around the poles.

How to stop ice sheets melting?

What areas can withstand rising sea levels?

How to stop ice breaking off from glacier to form icebergs?

How to cool the ocean?

How to pivot snow into ice?


How to build and expand/use infrastructures without loss of trees and other vegetation?

How to re-wild areas?

How to make trees grow quicker?

What can be used instead of paper?

How to stop illegal logging?

Intensive farming

How to produce feed for livestock that does not need to be transported around the world?

How to reduce the heat produced in farming in warm climates?

How to deal with large quantities of manure?

How to reduce the need for water-intensive crops?

How to grow without using fossils fuels?

Further reading

Coming up with real break-through ideas is not easy and will require some training and experience. However, the trickiest part of an idea generation session is in its first phase: defining the focus

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