Global Warming – We Got All the Time!

We use energy to speed up processes or to get more horsepower. Let´s focus on slowing down processes. If we could slow down the need for speed and efficiency, we could reduce the need for fossil energy.

What if we could have all the time in the world?

What IF time isn’t money? What if we could slow down our lives and the spinning of the world? Wouldn’t that drastically reduce energy consumption?

Let´s do some IF´s. What would become now possible, attractive, practical, cheaper, simpler?


Pedal-Powered Monorail in New Zealand

IF we would have two weeks more holiday, could we walk, bike or go by train to our destination, instead of using aeroplanes?

What IF we had pedal cars and trams, propelled by the passengers.


What IF we had time to regenerate the environment when we travel?


What IF shopping by car is made more time-consuming than by foot or bicycle?

What IF preparing food is made a daily exercise in mindfullness?


What IF we had time to explore quantum computing NOW. Quantum computers use significantly less energy, which could lead to lower costs and decreased fossil-fuel dependency as adoption grows.


What IF we had time to weed without using chemicals?

What IF we could let pigs clear land instead of machines?


What IF we organized car races where those who stay in the race the longest, will win the race?

What IF competitions were held in small coastal towns and you had to swim there to compete?

Another Option: Create Time

What IF we could create time? If we could create time, then there would less need to use energy to speed up processes.

Another Option: Add Time

What if we added time to make the use of certain products or services more unattractive?

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The New Currency Is Time. It’s mind-boggling to imagine what the world would be like, it’s also hard to imagine. Therefore, it is likely we might find with this new concept real innovative ideas.

Time Fascism. With Time Fascism we mean that sometimes time restrictions are used in a way that should be characterized as oppressive, intolerant, dictatorial and/or aggressive.

One Reply to “Global Warming – We Got All the Time!”

  1. The Dutch Government cheat

    An important point of contention is the method of expressing profit and loss of travel time in euros. Flying is fast and the time saved can be translated into money. Detours because there are no flights available costs money. CE Delft points out that SEO (An economic research firm) itself has already put two methods next to each other to calculate these profit and loss items. According to one method, significant growth at Schiphol results in a gain of 44.1 billion euros in prosperity, according to the other it leads to a loss of 0.9 billion euros. In the Methodology SEO has opted for the first method, which is favorable for aviation, CE Delft calls the second method ‘superior’.

    SEO’s choice has far-reaching consequences: because the calculations for travel time weigh heavily in the end result, “practically every social cost-benefit analysis performed according to the Method will have the same outcome: more flights means more prosperity,” writes CE Delft. “Even if further growth does not actually increase prosperity”


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