Aliens’ U.F.O. s – Your Ultimate Summer Thinkibility Nibble

At the bottom of a story entitled “Has the Pentagon covered up Space Aliens” in the New York Times on May 27, 2021, reads: “Have you missed a point of view?”

At some point next month, U.S. intelligence agencies are expected to brief Congress about recorded encounters between military personnel and mysterious flying objects appearing to defy the limits of known human technology. Yes, U.F.O.s.

How did we get here, and how should we take the suggestion — made by a former C.I.A. director, among others — that these U.F.O.s are of alien origin?

Here are the questions NYT is asking about.

TESLA INSTITUTE - School of Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Automation  and Computer Technology - Did Aliens Help Tesla To Invent The First  Anti-Gravity Machine?
Perhaps Tesla’s inspiration was not of this world due to the radical and progressive nature of his discoveries and inventions…..
  • When did the government start taking U.F.O.s seriously?
  • Could these really be aliens?
  • Why you should probably lower your expectations?
  • Are there more nefarious forces than earnest curiosity — namely, conspiracy thinking and graft — are behind the resurgence in U.F.O. interest?

We thought this is a great topic for a Summer Thinkibility Nibble. How would you go about taking this NYT article as a topic to think about, just for fun?

“Have you missed a point of view?”

Our Efforts

  • Perhaps, the internal processing of the images is compromitted by hackers;
  • Perhaps, it is confirmation bias or a Festinger phenomena; thing that are flying strange must be aliens;
  • Maybe there are gravity-free corridors along with Earth’s space?
  • Perhaps, we miss Casandra information: there is some relevant information, but still not available that can explain UFO´s;
  • Someone has solved a physical contradiction;
  • Nature has solved a physical contradiction;
  • It might be manifestations of electromagnetic interference from communication satellites, space observatories and 5G radiation;
  • Perhaps there exist inventive souls out there;

A Reversal

Let’s exchange the point of view of Earthlings to that of extraterrestrial intelligences. Maybe it will generate some more ¨missed points of view¨ .

Aliens perceive very slow and little manoeuvrable objects taking off and landing on large areas of liquid at the surface of Earth.

How did we get here, and how should we, Aliens, take the suggestion  that these U.F.O.s are of terrestrial origin, appearing to have missed known alien technology?

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