Exciting Podcasts for 2022

We know our readers love our alternative approach to making an end-of-the-year list of books. Instead of following the mainstream media and selecting books that have topped the sales lists during the year, we invite our readers to make a list of their own about Interesting Reading Areas (IRA). The idea is to look for areas of your interest for developing and knowledge gaining. And then look for relevant writers, books and DVD’s belonging to that IRA. You can read more about this approach here.

However, this year we decided to make a list of podcasts instead of the traditional IRA. You listen to podcasts to learn and the number of people listening to podcasts is continuously growing.

Podcasts have a rawness about them that offers listeners to understand what someone is saying and the emotion behind it. This approach gives listeners the opportunity to really understand what someone is saying and the emotion behind it.

Please note that we have not listened to these podcasts yet. We are simply making a list of podcasts that capture our interest when we looked for podcasts about Climate Change and the Environment, and Creativity and Innovation.

Podcasts about Climate Change and the Environment

Islands On Alert

The importance of looking at a problem from a different perspective has been a topic that has been stressed in our blog. The podcast AOSIS “Islands On Alert” gives you the chance to look at climate change from the perspective of small island nations. It is hosted by Andy Liburd who will talk about Small Island peoples’ fight against climate change impacts on their lives.

Listen through AOSIS, Spotify, YouTube, or email list subscription


Mongabay is a nonprofit conservation and environmental science news platform that publishes content on climate change, wildlife and biodiversity, and Indigenous rights. They dig a bit deeper into these topics in their podcasts.

Listen on Spotify or Apple.

Podcasts about Creativity and Innovation

Stanford e-Corner

Listen to engaging content from members of Stanford’s engineering faculty and leading entrepreneurs and innovators around the world. Click here for the website.

How I Built This

Podcasts about innovators, entrepreneurs, and idealists. Link to website – click here.

Happy Thinkibility!

Gijs and I hope we have inspired you to add Exciting Podcasts to your Interesting Reading Areas (IRA).


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