Combining concepts

What does a concert hall look like? What things are important for a great concert hall? A concert hall is: a building with a stage performanance venue filled with seats There are many benefits with conceptual thinking, thinking with the aid of concepts.  A concept can be defined as an abstract and general idea. But …

Ways Concepts Are Camouflaged – Thinkibility Boost

Thinking with concepts is very powerful, as we earlier showed in the post Conceptual Thinking. Conceptual Thinking is the ability to identify patterns or links between seemingly unrelated issues. This in contrast to concrete thinking – that is a style of thinking in which the individual sees each situation as unique and is unable to generalize from …

Volvo, LifePaint, Airbags and Expanding Concepts and Markets

“The best way to survive a crash is not to crash” What should a car manufacturer focus the attention on? What ideas are embedded in the concept car manufacturer? Cars! Of course a car manufacturer deals with developing the best, safest, fastest, most energy-efficient cars. But what if we extend the concept  “car manufacturer” and …

Key Concepts as Optical Filters – Thinkibility Boost

Optical filters are devices that selectively transmit light of different wavelengths. They absorb some wavelengths of light – that is, colors – while transmitting others. Optical filters define what we see and what is left out. Key concepts and filters Key concepts do exactly the same with what we perceive. They strengthen or weaken information, …

Global Challenges, but No Global Community

On one side, the great issues of this century – such as, for example, climate change and nuclear weapons – require a global community; on the other, immigration and nationalism form the basis of the defense mechanism of those threatened by globalization. Try new and creative lines of thinking.

Policy Design

Classical Rational Policy Analysis and interactive policymaking are basically reacting to existing problems that, for some reasons, get “high on the societal agenda”.
However, a real innovative policy can only come about if policymakers redefine themselves as designers instead of reactive problem solvers.

Creative Policy Analysis

Classical rational policy analysis and interactive policymaking are basically reactive concepts.
An innovative policy can only come about if policymakers redefine themselves as designers instead of problem solvers.


We made it to this five-hundred and one post! To celebrate this we announce the publishing of two books that reflect the most profound insights we got from our notes on Thinking, Creativity, Innovation and Design so far. Concepts at Work Working with concepts will get you all the ins- and outs of conceptual thinking. It will …

Possible Educational Future Worlds

In “Education – 21 Century Challenges” about “What should we teach children?” we posed two additional questions: What advice should young people follow? Who or where should they turn for advice when adults’ wisdom may only be outdated biases? We suggested two (visual)  approaches; one that departs from the current situation and one that departs from 2050. …