Creative thinking for the living planet – ecospin doctors

Think of the word Forest bathing. What do you imagine? What images flash through your mind? What feelings vibrate in your body? Then think of the word Environment and explore the images and feelings. The words we use to express our ideas, emotions and thoughts are not neutral. Our language is not innocent rather it …

Design Your Own Creative Thinking Techniques

Creative thinking can be learnt. How? By using thinking tools. There are many tools for creative thinking, examples can be found in the following books: Edward de Bono presents 13 tools in his book Serious Creativity Grace McGartland has 25 tips and techniques in Thunderbolt Thinking(TM) Arthur VanGundy covers 29 tools in Idea Power Michael …

Global Warming -Thinking in Relations

We assume that the cause of the Global Warming and reduction of sustainability lies in typical Western mono-causal, unilateral, individualistic thinking. New concepts as have emerged in biomedical sciences and cellular biology as in physics are currently lacking in business and the public domain, let alone on an individual level.

Escaping Thinking-as-Usual about Global Warming

Having summarized existing approaches, could we escape from those and find fresh approaches to mitigate or even counteract the effects of climate change?
Try to come up with at least three ¨escapes¨: alternative approaches to mitigate global warming.

Creative Policy Analysis

Classical rational policy analysis and interactive policymaking are basically reactive concepts.
An innovative policy can only come about if policymakers redefine themselves as designers instead of problem solvers.

Dangerous Creative Inspiration – Think like a Criminal

Imagine that you were going to commit a crime. Which of the following items would you steal? car laundry detergents cash a jar of Nutella smartphone jewellery pregnancy test Think like a criminal and you may gain valuable insights. There are several versions of the saying “A good composer does not imitate; he steals,” (credited …

Thinking in Analogies

Many teachers in analytical/critical thinking and writing clearly forbid students the use of analogies, because, in one sense, all analogies are faulty. However, as George Lakoff,  known for his thesis that the lives of individuals are significantly influenced by the central metaphors they use to explain complex phenomena, convincingly argues  that all our thinking is metaphorical. …