Interesting Reading Areas 2019 – New Thinking

Most end-of-the-year lists of books have the underlying message that “if you haven’t read these books, you are a cultural bar-bar, does not belong to the well-informed elite and not able to go along in conversations”.



We made it to this five-hundred and one post! To celebrate this we announce the publishing of two books that reflect the most profound insights we got from our notes on Thinking, Creativity, Innovation and Design so far. Concepts at Work Working with concepts will get you all the ins- and outs of conceptual thinking. It will... Continue Reading →

Quintessentially Me – Student 2050

In "Education - 21 Century Challenges" about "What should we teach children?" we posed two additional questions: What advice should young people follow? Who or where should they turn for advice when adults' wisdom may only be outdated biases? We suggested two (visual)  approaches; one that departs from the current situation and one that departs from... Continue Reading →

Bio-Inspiration and Medical Innovations

Spiderman! The perfect example of stealing from nature. A spider's web is used to catch criminals. Jeff Karp is not a specialist, instead he has between twenty to twenty-five ongoing projects. A multidisciplinary approach to create biomaterials and devices for therapeutics. The Karp Lab uses bio-inspiration to develop ideas. Their innovations do not mimic nature,... Continue Reading →

Bacterial Lamp – Thinkibility Nibble

"I aim to create a living lamp that needs as little care as a houseplant." Teresa van Dongen Have you ever watched a stretch of beach lit up by bioluminescent plankton? Glowing bioluminescent waves and organisms have been used as inspiration  and innovative solutions to human problems. The zero electricity lamp was designed by Design... Continue Reading →

Crowd Research

There are some fascinating developments which call for some "What If Thinking". Four technological developments Nowadays more or less everyone is connected to someone via the Internet. It is assumed that any person can connect to another person via a friend of a friend, all it takes is six or fewer steps for anyone to... Continue Reading →

Symbiotic Biomimicry

Sustainability is an approach where we try to  create and maintain  conditions under which humans and nature can exist in productive harmony. But is the approach enough to make sure that we have and will continue to have water, materials and resources that can protect out health and the environment? Innovations using symbiotic biomimicry as... Continue Reading →

Inspired by Beauty – Biomimicry

Richard Dawkins describes in the book Unweaving the Rainbow the relationship between biology and art. To understand science does not detract from the poetry of nature, and biomimicry can be described as one way of uncovering the poetry of nature. Nature and technology has often been described as opposite poles of a spectrum. Yet this... Continue Reading →

Innovations Inspired by Nature

Attempts to close the gap between technology and nature has led to the creation of a range of innovative ideas. Bio-mimicry is an approach where nature's principles provide inspiration to create things in a similar way that nature has spent years and years perfecting. Glowstone is a mixture of synthetic aggregate, inspired by bioluminescence. When... Continue Reading →

Tomorrow Machine – Thinkiblity Nibble

A self-opening bowl! Flexible objects that can build and even destroy themselves! Tomorrows food packaging has arrived. Food packaging is serious business and Sweden have a history filled with successful designs and companies, like Tetrapack and Ecolean  (sustainable packaging). Tomorrow Machine is an exciting innovative company based in  Stockholm and Paris, which specialises in package,... Continue Reading →

Chess, Ants and Jellyfish

Below are two videos where nature is used to gain insight into problems. Biomimicry is a method where you look to nature and natural systems for inspiration. Many innovations have been created using biomimicry, which is a process to spark innovation and creative ideas. The idea to base a flying robot on an animal that... Continue Reading →

Thinkibility Idea Pool – Biomimicry

  Inspiration for innovation  Many innovative and sustainable solutions have been found by studying natures best solutions and searching for ways to imitate those solutions. We have used nature as an inspiration for a long time, yet, it has perhaps not been a conscious approach. Architects have used spiders’ webs and termite mounds as inspiration.... Continue Reading →

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