Practise Thinking

 In our recent post  A Thinkibility Home Trainer we said that we found a home trainer for thinking. A site that strives towards:  Thinkers arrange facts and experience to see more clearly.  Thinkers surprise themselves with new insights.  Thinkers like discipline and focus rather than drift.  Thinkers like to change their minds.  Thinkers can be of any age.  Thinkers never think their thinking is... Continue Reading →


A Thinkibilty Home Trainer?

  The idea with using a home trainer is to improve your physical fitness. Physical fitness affects the body's physiological functioning, overall health, and motor skill related to aspects such as agility, balance, and speed. A home-trainer is at hand; to help with exercises and there is no need to go to a fitness centre or... Continue Reading →

World Thinkers’ Ideas – Shape Your Brain

A burning desire to overcome learning problems mixed with a conviction that you could shape your brain, lead Barbara Arrowsmith-Young to design exercises to help her heal herself. Great discoveries are always fascinating to read about and you can learn about ways to get new ideas. But great discoveries are rarely made by a person... Continue Reading →

World Thinkers’ Ideas – Fitness Club for the Brain

Alvaro Fer­nan­dez is SharpBrains’ co-founder and Chief Exec­u­tive Offi­cer. He was recently named a Young Global Leader by the World Eco­nomic Forum (WEF). This forum honours young leaders around the world for discovering innovation solutions to problems that are regarded as significant in today’s world.  Alvaro Fernandez was born in Spain but he has lived in... Continue Reading →

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