Socratic Thinking about Climate Change

Of course, we could study intensively the different approaches to the ethical question of ¨Why should we bother about climate change?¨ that scholars have identified. But we believe that policymakers and responsible citizens must able to answer that question for themselves.

Thinking about the Spread of the Coronavirus (5) – Lack of System Thinking

To what extent are more subsystems involved than just the health care system in tackling the crisis? How are they built? What data they use? Is it taken into account that the spread of the virus, the measures that are taken by the government, and the reactions of the citizens form a complex dynamic system?

Thin-slicing : the power of intuition – Thinkibility Boost

Building up Intuition is "thin-slicing" In an earlier post,  we discussed the relation between Reasoning and Intuition on the basis of Kahneman's two interrelated thinking systems. One is fast, intuitive reactive and emotional. The other is slow, deliberate, methodical and rational. Although he acknowledges that the mind functions thanks to a delicate, intricate and sometimes …

The "Aha!" Moment

What is an “Aha!” moment? Finding a structure to the thoughts that endlessly flows through our minds is often described as the first step towards getting a good idea. Yet the best ideas often appears when we are half dreaming, relaxing, or walking our dog. A common explanation to this phenomenon is that creativity means …