Creative Nudging to Fix Bad Habits of Your Partner

Instead of directing confronting her of him with -the standard way of to correct other people’s behaviour- you might design an irresistable nudge.

Lies and Power

We are surrounded by lies and fiction. In this post we explore the topic and arrive at a Beatiful Question. We suggest two Idea Sensitive Areas, areas in need for better ideas.

Creative thinking for the living planet – ecospin doctors

Think of the word Forest bathing. What do you imagine? What images flash through your mind? What feelings vibrate in your body? Then think of the word Environment and explore the images and feelings. The words we use to express our ideas, emotions and thoughts are not neutral. Our language is not innocent rather it …

Searching for Ideas

Idea finding or searching for a new concept seems very similar to word finding. When an individual has consistent inability to produce words for things that they want to talk about they are suffering a kind of aphasia. They experience difficulties in answering questions as: What is the name of the category: church building house …