Double Bind

In earlier posts "Contradictions and Aggression" and "Don't Think You Can Think" part 1 and part 2 we did some thinking about contradictions, dilemma's and paradoxes. A special case of these are double binds. A double bind exists when an impossible ultimatum is put forward (either/or, however, both alternatives are unacceptable) two directives are in... Continue Reading →


Innovation and Lucid Dreaming

Does the idea of conspicuously dreaming up the next innovation appeal to you? Does it sound tempting to build storm proof cities in your mind? Solve mathematical problems? Or simple find a creative solution to the dripping tap while you are consciously influencing your dreams? We spend around 6 years of our lives dreaming. Yet... Continue Reading →

Thinking nothing? Impossible! Or maybe not

“What are you thinking?” “Nothing!” “Impossible!” It is said that not thinking is impossible. But is it really so? Many people believe that holidays are for not-thinking in order to recharge batteries for the next year's  rat race. Or for seeing old things in new ways. Perhaps non-thinking is significant for the concept of Thinkibility... Continue Reading →

How Sure Are You?

What thoughts race through your mind when you hear the question, “Is that your final answer?” Are you a contestant with good metacognitive skills? Can you judge how sure you are that the answer is right? The skill to self-reflect and to know about yourself is a key to understand whether you just made a... Continue Reading →


The word thinkibility emerged in a search for a title for this eBook. It then became a way a focusing our search for a part of thinking that we believe is a necessary and more importantly a vital component in a thinking session. The quality of the thinking is vital to ensure that we use... Continue Reading →

Thinking Loops

What was I thinking? Becoming conscious of the consequences of one’s actions is an important part of the thinking process. Frederic the Great said: "What good is experience if you do not reflect?" We should strive towards being prepared to take a step back and view our thinking from a distance. In a similar way,... Continue Reading →

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