Thinking about the Spread of the Coronavirus (1)

Our hypothesis is that a lack of thinking skills among governments, health institutions and the population has seriously contributed to the spread of the Corona virus

How to Smash the Glass Ceiling for Women

In our earlier post ¨Better Ideas for Women in Top Positions¨ we were wondering if we can design better ideas to get a more proportional representation of women in board of directors. Here some more results.

Disrupt Facebook!

A business model is a plan for the successful operation of a business, identifying sources of revenue, the intended customer base, products, and details of financing. It tells the story around the kind of value the company wants to create. Facebook that has been rather negative in the news lately. It might be because Facebook has an almost …

25 Creative Ideas to Reuse – Thinkibility Nibble

Besides the practical, economical and ecological advantages of reusing obsolete things, it is good brain workout to give yourself the instruction: 25 Creative Ideas To Reuse ... The amount of required ideas is important to avoid too obvious ideas. Try to make twenty-five at least. If you don't believe this is possible, look at these examples: …