Before you say Yes or No

We are used to relying on our vision but according to IBM in the future the focus will be on broadening the perspective  developing capacities to mimic the ability to  smell, touch, taste and hear. Tiny sensors in the computer may detect if you are coming down with a cold by analysing your breath. Many... Continue Reading →


Wishful Thinking

Thinking Patterns Not all thinking pattern are beneficial such as distorted or negative patterns. But what about Wishful thinking? What we believe is true and what we wish were true can be very different. But how do we separate between belief and desires? And can wishful thinking be useful? A common assumption is that we... Continue Reading →

Black-and-White Background

How does black-and-white background influence our thinking? Thinking is never neutral. Focusing our attention on different aspect is often more difficult than we imagine. Many “little” things can affect our thinking. A recent study suggests that if we see something on a black-white background it is harder for us to consider grey areas when we... Continue Reading →

Thinking about Value

  Thinking about Value The importance of value is the theme in the book “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.  The narrator observes that grown-ups like numbers. Grown-ups think that they know a person after then have asked questions related to a new friend’s age and how much money his parent’s make. The little prince... Continue Reading →

Create Opportunities

  Learn to Spot and Create  To create opportunities, you need imagination and skills to abstract or generate ideas from concepts. These skills can be taught and one approach relies on making lists of everything and anything that could be improved in the world. Another approach is to avoid using the word “problem.“ The only... Continue Reading →

Blue Economy and Positive Thinking

Positive Steps New ideas and suggestions to solving problems are always interesting to examine. In many cases, there is a lack of obvious signs of the idea or suggestion making any real change. Sometime this way of looking at new ideas can be deceptive. Often new human resource management ideas are regarded as old wine... Continue Reading →

Positive Thinking and Nearling

The way we choose to describe a situation can influence not only our perception of the situation but also our actions. Say the word Failure slowly and listen. It is a heavy word! Negative! You immediately want to avoid all the negative things associated with failure. Many of us fear failure. Failures are ignored and not... Continue Reading →

Negative Thinking

Challenging Negativity                                                                                                   You are thinking negatively when you fear the future, or expect failure. Negative thinking damages confidence, and harms performance. A major problem is that negative thoughts tend to inhabit our minds and influence our thinking. Challenging your own as well as an organisation’s negative thinking is important. The more you fire neurons... Continue Reading →

Positive Thinking and Writing an eBook

  Starting the Journey Do you have a passion for something? An idea you want to spread? Are you curious about something and want to learn more while sharing the learning  process with others? Writing an eBook could be just the thing for you. This eBook project started when one person said, “Yes, let’s do... Continue Reading →


  Is it Feasible?  Determining if your  idea can work in practice is a vital. Often adjustments need to be made to the original idea. An idea is rarely a finished product and seldom practical. Additional thinking is needed to perfect an initial idea. Searching for ways to carry out the project can be made... Continue Reading →


Mental Challenge To motivate yourself, find a task that is the right level of difficulty. Or learn to transform tasks. A difficult task will frustrate you and it is easy to give up. And an easy task quickly becomes boring. A trick is to mentally change the perception of the task to continue to stay... Continue Reading →

Curiosity and Motivation

Curiosity means to look into the unknown. In a dark room, your feel yourself around in the room instead of switching on the light. In addition, you try to figure out what is out there and you ask questions. Curiosity is like a magnetism pulling you towards something. Creativity means breaking free to be like... Continue Reading →

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