Design New Concepts – Thinkibility Boost

There are several ways to design a new concept deliberately. But what is a new concept? Not many people have a quick answer to this question, other than “differently than expected”, “something else as normal”, “not seen before” or just “interesting”. One of the easiest ways to design a new concept is to escape from… Continue Reading →

So Where Is Everybody? – Thinkibility Nibble

The ability to come up with a lot of alternatives is an important Thinkibility skill, reflecting “mobility” in thinking. As all skills, they have to be trained and maintained by exercises. Recently we came across a funny, but existential exercise. Since the 1950s, scientists have argued the idea that “habitable zones” around stars are the… Continue Reading →

TEDme – Thinkibility Nibble

In a short time, TED Talks have become a phenomena. Under the slogan “Ideas Worth Spreading” by November 2012, TED talks -about Technology, Entertainment and Design- has been watched over one billion times worldwide. The duration of a TED talk is restricted to 18 minutes, with a strong recommendation to use story telling devices and to put some strong emotions… Continue Reading →

The East Wing of the Thinkibility University

We believe there should be an university that is solely dedicated to the in-depth exploration of “thinking”. Earlier we wrote about the faculties that are housed in the West Wing. At the West Wing, scientists and students dissect the basic thinking patterns in a scientific discipline. The people working there are not trained as philosophers, but will use systematic… Continue Reading →

The West Wing of the Thinkibility University

The West Wing of the Thinkibility University – our exciting recent project – is dedicated to thinking patterns in sciences. At the West Wing, scientists dissect the basic thinking patterns in a scientific discipline. Although philosophers of science will work there, the research agenda will not be philosophy of science – roughly this discipline is… Continue Reading →

Focus – Thinkibility Boost

Coming up with real break-through ideas is not easy and will require some training and experience. However, the trickiest part of an idea generation session is in its first phase: defining the focus. Defining the thinking task is the first task you should undertake when you are trying something like a “20 Minutes Idea Boost”…. Continue Reading →

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