How to Hack Assumptions

In many books about innovation, it is stated that  “You just have to be willing to challenge the assumptions of your industry, ask fresh questions, and –get this — embrace your humanness.” Daniel H. Pink Such calls are completely inadequate. Moreover, it suggests that the detection of assumptions is simple. On the contrary, the nature… Continue Reading →

Interesting Reading Areas 2017

Since we started the posts Interesting Reading Areas since 2013 we noticed that most end-of-the-year lists of books consist of books that have already been read by others and many of the lists consist of the same books. Often the lists consist of books that have topped the sales lists during the year. The underlying… Continue Reading →

Reconsider Everyday Things and Topics

Can weather be described as feathers that mimics the migratory patterns of five birds? What is weather? And how can we reconsider weather? Weather is different in different parts of the world. Sun, snow and rain. Annual changes in temperature – hot and cold. A huge part of weather is invisible – part of air…. Continue Reading →

Interesting Reading Areas for 2015

As we last year noted, most  end-of-the-year lists of books consists of books that have already been read by others and many of the lists consists of the same books. Often the lists consists of the books that have topped the sales lists during the year. The underlying message could be interpreted as “if you… Continue Reading →

Designing a Book Cover

We would like to share with you a couple of  successive designs as an example how a design process develops in time. First,  we wanted to make an ebook without a fancy cover, but marketing experts told us that people buy book-covers, instead of books; even it is an e-Book. The cover should reflect the… Continue Reading →

Creative Thinkering – Book Review

A book about creativity should not only inspire you to create and explore new ideas, it should also provide you with practical tips. Books such as “Thinkertoys” and “Cracking Creativity” by Michael Michalko are just that type of books. You return rather than read straight through to these books. Michalko’s new book “Creative Thinkering” is… Continue Reading →

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